Fish Farming Business & Investment

Our Services

  • Fish Breeding & Processing
  • Sales of Fish & Fish Products
  • Research, Consultancy & Training
  • Fish Pond Renting/Leasing
  • Fish Feed Production
  • Fishery Investment Opportunities.

Fish Breeding & Processing

We have vast experience and seasoned professionals in the areas of fish breeding, production and processing we have perfected over the years.

Sales of Fish & Fish Products

We engage in the business of selling fresh catfish, and the processed ones such as smoked, barbequed, blended and even dishes like pepper-soup.

Consultancy, Research & Training

Due to our years of experience in the catfish industry, we provide consultancy and training for interested groups or individuals on how to produce and process fish, and setup/manage fish farms, on our facilities or in yours.

Fish Pond Renting & Leasing

With more than 45 natural ponds, 20 artificial ponds and more undeveloped ponds, we are the single, largest fish farm in Ekiti State, and we have ponds for renting and leasing for professional fish farmers or those who want to learn the business.

Fish Feed Production

We have capable minds and hands, backed with adequate bioscientific knowledge and research, capable of producing highly quality and nutritious fish feeds and meals for your fish consumption.

Fishery Investment Opportunities

There are investment slots for those who are interested in investing in our fish farm, and any of the stages of production and processing, within specific periods of time, with ROI as high as 12% to 15%.

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