Science Expert/Trainer/Consultant Registration

We would love to be in partnership with experts in all science fields, in order to train others in specific methodologies and techniques, or even carry out different analyses, experiments/practicals and tests.

If you are qualified and very good in the practical aspects of your area of expertise and you can train others as well, kindly fill the form below:

*This is the technique/methodology/test to be carried out or taught to others. It must be explicitly stated to avoid confusion with other technique/methodology/test.
All specific materials needed such as calibration of glassware, quantity of reagents and other necessities, must be clearly stated in order to make them available for the work.
Information too sensitive to be divulged are to be kept till we formalise arrangement for training/experiments. Only the information required above are needed for publicity and adequate disemmination.
Kindly use full name as signature

If you are in other fields outside of science, and you would like to train others as well, kindly visit here.


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